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Antony responded to Gabriela Cavallin's accusations

Anthony gave an interview to the Brazilian SBT television network regarding the recent controversial allegations of domestic violence. This interview was made public on Friday local time in Brazil. In the interview, Anthony refuted all the accusations made against him.

The relationship with my ex-girlfriend

Gabriela Cavallin, has been somewhat turbulent. Both of us had feelings of jealousy; I had them, and so did she. Publicly bringing her out as my girlfriend brought her a lot of pressure, and in the end, we had arguments. Many things led to these issues, especially because even though I was with Gabi (Cavallin), I also had relationships with other women.

Regarding the argument in the car with Gabriela

I did not physically attack her; I never laid a hand on her. I went to the party first without giving her any "warning," and I never called her. I did not speak to her. When I left, I didn't call her either; I simply told my bodyguard and friend that I was leaving. Afterward, she came after me, saying, "You're leaving, and you're not going to call me?" I paid the bill and got into the car. My cousin was driving my car, and another friend was driving the other car they had when they left. I never said anything like that (about him, Gabriela, and their child dying in the car).

She got angry in the car, accusing me of not informing her about going to the nightclub. She began to insult me, calling me trash and saying she wanted to ruin my life and career, which she often said. I just sat quietly in the car. She and I were sitting in the back seat, with my friend driving. He never stopped the car at any point. She kept pushing me and asking, "Why did you come to the nightclub alone?" At that time, I didn't even grab her because she was pushing me inside the car. I didn't even hold her. I never pulled her hair or threatened to kick her out of the car. I don't know why she's saying these things; she said a lot of made-up things.

Have you ever physically assaulted Gabriela or any of the women who accused you?

I deny, absolutely not. I am 100% certain that I have never hit a woman. I will provide evidence, and people will see the truth. I have never harmed anyone physically or verbally. I offended her (Gabriela), and she offended me; it was both parties' responsibility, but there has never been any physical violence.

From a young age when I had nothing, anyone who has been following me knows my character and the hard work I put in to get to this point. What I want most is to show people: this is who I am. I have a lot of goals and dreams, and I want to show my true self. I dream of returning to the national team, and I want to prove that Anthony is innocent.

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