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Pogba suspended for precautionary test after testing positive for testosterone

Pogba tested positive for testosterone after the first match of the current season's Serie A against Udinese. This chemical substance can enhance the athletic performance of male athletes, but it has now been classified as a banned substance by multiple organizations. As a preventive measure, the Italian National Anti-Doping Court has imposed a suspension on him. Pogba now awaits further results from a retest.

Official announcement from the Italian National Anti-Doping Tribunal

The National Anti-Doping Court has issued a notice stating that, upon a request from the National Anti-Doping Prosecutor's Office, preventive suspensions have been imposed on the following athlete:

"Paul Labile Pogba has violated sections 2.1 and 2.2; Substance found: Non-endogenous testosterone metabolites."

Following this announcement, Juventus also released a statement saying, "We hereby announce that, based on the test results conducted on footballer Paul Labile Pogba on August 20, the player received a preventive suspension order from the National Anti-Doping Court on September 11. The club reserves the right to assess subsequent procedural steps."

Please note that this translation is based on the provided text and the specific regulations and legal terms of the Anti-Doping Court.
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